Twitter Throttle

One of my biggest pet peeves on Twitter is when people I follow slam Twitter with a bunch of tweets in a short time. Maybe I’m the only one, but it’s definitely the #1 reason I stop following people. I don’t want a single user completely taking over my Twitter page…

With this in mind, I decided to write a GreaseMonkey script today to address the problem. I call it Twitter Throttle, and what it does is hides (and groups if they’re in a row) tweets when a user has more than one tweet on my screen at the same time. It will then also add however many older tweets are needed to have the correct total viewable on the page. So, for example, if there are 5 tweets that are hidden (because the user that made the tweet has already made a tweet that is currently being displayed) then it will pull in the 5 previous tweets that are by users not yet represented on your page. This effectively ensures that if there are 20 items on the page there will be at least 20 different users on the page as well. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in use:


Clicking on the links will display the tweets in case you still want to read them. I’ve posted the script here if anyone is interested. Be sure to set your twitter username and password in the script (used in the API call to add in older tweets to fill in for the hidden ones). Let me know if you have any feedback.

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24 Responses to Twitter Throttle

  1. Rob says:

    hidden tweets from galligan and kallenberg. totally not surprising 😉

  2. josh says:

    Great. I've been wanting something like this…

  3. Kevin Owocki says:

    This is a great idea. I'm going to give it a try.

  4. Rea says:

    This Noob is looking forward to the Firefox AddOn version of this… I don't know how to add the API code 🙂

  5. 1e- says:

    Great idea, after install, each refresh brought up validation user name password entry pop up which i always had to cancel. Finally uninstalled. Whats up with that?? There were people that I followed that I def couldve used that tool for!!

  6. 1e- says:

    D'oh! Instructions are for the insecure… Lol! Thanks!

  7. Kurt says:

    The whole Twitter thing is completely stupid. I used to have a Twitter account,but it was just one more thing to keep track of with more trivial information. So, you are tired of people tweeting too much? Well, folks, that is Twitter, and it is all about Tweets. I think it is stupid. Same as facebook which a friend asked me to join yesterday. I have resisted for years, but I joined. What did I see? The same question that I saw on Twitter: What are you doing?
    Twitter is stupid, facebook is stupid, my space is stupid, and even blogs to some extent are stupid. I think we should all be like a goose, and everyday we wake up, it is a new day.

  8. dantra says:

    Your not the only one. I've been wanting something like this. I've also been wanting a tweet delete function–something that would just delete tweets that I've read or think are stupid. Hey–great name already: TweetDaleet. Too bad I can't program. I'm an ad guy. But if you write such an app using my name may I have an honorable mention please.

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  15. This is a great idea. wonderful

  16. Yes, I really don't like this as well. 🙂

  17. vitiligo says:

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  18. ali says:

    oyun thanks very good

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