Farewell Torbit / Walmart

I recently left my job at Walmart and in turn left my long journey with the company I co-founded, Torbit. Today would’ve marked the 10 year birthday of Torbit and it seemed like a good time to wrap up my thoughts and reflections on the long journey of ups and downs that was Torbit.

I’ve learned so much along the way and have met and worked with some truly great people. The time with Torbit and Walmart has meaningfully changed my life. It’s allowed me to learn about and build a bunch of really interesting products around proxies, load balancers, edge infrastructure, BPF, RUM, website optimization, edge security, and many other facets. Between the flexibility of working remote and traveling to various offices and markets, it’s let me really embrace my passion for travel. It’s allowed me to grow as a manager, mentor some great people, and build and manage a large distributed team which has been a really amazing experience. I’ve learned a ton about how large enterprises and eCommerce sites work from my time at Walmart as well. I had a relatively uncommon opportunity to continue to build what was very close to a startup within a large company and it was overall a great experience getting to see how that can work after a startup acquisition.

To everyone that was a part of that journey with me I want to say thank you. It has really been an adventure and I can’t image how my life would’ve turned out without this opportunity.

Now I’m excited to see what’s next. I haven’t yet decided on my next project or opportunity, but if you happen to have some ideas or roles that might be interesting feel free to reach out and let me know. I’m looking forward to starting the next big chapter and a whole new set of learning, experiences, and people to share it with.

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