Ubiquity: Compete Stats

I wrote yet another command for Ubiquity. This one allows you to do a search on Compete for the site you’re currently on. Simply subscribe to the command here to add it to your command list.

Once you’ve got the command installed you can check a sites stats by opening Ubiquity (CTRL+SPACE) and typing “compete”. You can also add “mv” for monthly page views or “uv” for unique visitors. If neither is specified it will default to Compete’s default (uniques). Hopefully someone else will find it useful.

Feedback welcome.

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18 Responses to Ubiquity: Compete Stats

  1. Matt Montag says:

    I'm subscribing to all your Ubiquity commands. Cool stuff.
    Arrived here from automattic.com.

  2. Ktbug85 says:

    crap! I need to get reading your blog!! I haven't read SO many of your posts!!! sorry!

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  5. gogogo says:

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  7. test says:

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  8. abc123 says:

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  15. Thanks for the tips. It is always helpful to have somebody around that knows this stuff. LOLB)

  16. Written at the begining of the year yet still very relevant, you should add your twitter link, ill follow for sure 🙂

  17. My Review says:

    More than that, I think it should be encouraged