About Jon Fox

Jon Fox was born and raised in central Illinois amongst a flat sea of corn and soy beans. Somehow he managed to give it all up and move to sunny Florida where he is working at Walmart Labs to manage traffic and improve the performance of their websites. He graduated from Illinois College in 2006 with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. He spent a little time pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis, but got distracted with starting companies.

His most recent company, Torbit, makes websites faster by automating frontend optimizations. He was the co-founder, mastermind, and code monkey of Torbit which was acquired by Walmart Labs in July of 2013.

His previous company, IntenseDebate, provides a richer comment system for blogs and websites. Profiles, commenter reputation, threading, and 3rd party login systems like Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign on are just some of the many advantages to using IntenseDebate over a native comment solution. IntenseDebate also was 1 of 10 companies to be selected for the TechStars program out of over 300 applications in 2007. The company was acquired by Automattic (the company behind WordPress) in September of 2008.

This blog was created as a way for Jon to share what he learns with others and for Jon to learn from them (also as an outlet for a few other random rants and musings). He spends most of his time with Go and JavaScript, but dabbles with Node.js, PHP, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and a few other odds and ends occasionally.

Jon is currently living in Florida with his amazingly understanding wife, where he tries to find time to enjoy the awesome weather (in winter) and the surrounding area. He also has a deep love of travel, having been to over 80 countries, so when the weather gets hot he tends to go exploring abroad.

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