Gravatar in Gmail

UPDATE: I’ve posted a new version of this script here. The version on this page no longer works.

Earlier today I hacked together another GreaseMonkey script. This one adds a Gravatar of the person the email was from to Gmail when reading an individual message. It’s inspired by the Thunderbird integration I read about here a while back. Here’s a screenshot of it for a better understanding of what it does:
Gravatar in Gmail

It’s really just a prototype honestly, but it was far enough along to make me happy for now. A couple of limitations I’d like to correct some day (if I ever get around to it) would be to modify it to work with multiple open messages and to only display the image if the email address actually has a gravatar (currently it just displays the default gravatar image in this case). It would also be nice to clean up how the image is added to the email – currently it’s a long dom navigation. I’ve posted the script here if anyone is interested in giving it a try (or updating it). Also, if you didn’t already know about it (because I didn’t) the Gmail team has built a nice little API for people developing GreaseMonkey scripts.

As always, feedback welcome.

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