Newfound Productivity

This past weekend I finally got to meet our third partner, Josh, in person. It was kind of nice to finally have the entire group in one location.

We had several meetings with different mentors while he was here and it has definitely given us a lot to think about. The wealth of knowledge that is at our finger tips as a result of this program still amazes me. These mentors are a priceless resource to have available to us, especially at the early stages that many of the TechStars companies are currently in (ourselves included).

Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend, however, was finally being able to meet in person instead of over the internet via Skype or IM. It was amazing how much we got done with a white board and a few hours in the same room together. It was probably more than we would’ve gotten done in weeks meeting digitally. I’m really looking forward to the new levels of productivity we’ll be able to achieve while we’re working together this summer. It certainly will make life much easier as we try to get everything we want to accomplished while we’re here.

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