First Days of TechStars

I’ve gotten my first real taste of TechStars over the last couple days and I have to say I am very excited. The first night consisted of a Kickoff session. No big surprises here; the night consisted of introductions of each of the teams and their members as well as a brief orientation to the TechStars program itself. We got a run down of many of the mentors and their impressive bios as well as some more detailed information on what to expect from the program and what they’re expecting from us. The teams are all very friendly and have a wide range of previous experience. I think the teams themselves will also be an asset to us as we all have a variety of different skill sets.

The first night was also interesting because I finally got to meet one of my teammates in person. Isaac flew in from Sweden during the meeting and was able to make it to the last hour or so of the Kickoff session. After a little bit of confusion in finding him and his car service when they arrived at the office, we finally had the chance to shake hands for the first time. I think it will be a much simpler experience working with someone in the same room instead of over Skype or IM and I am definitely looking forward to it. So far we seem to be getting along pretty well. It’s been interesting hearing how things are different here compared to what he is used to in Sweden. He’s also tried to teach me a bit of Swedish here and there but usually just ends up laughing at me as I butcher the pronunciations.

The following night we had a meet up with many of the mentors. It was nothing too formal, just drinks and light appetizers during a basic meet and greet opportunity. I must say it was a great experience for me though. The room was filled with highly successful, talented entrepreneurs that were genuinely interested in me and my company. They were all very responsive and several provided some good feedback to the basic concept. Perhaps even more important to me, several commented that they would be very interested in providing early feedback to the site whenever we’re ready. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have so many experienced entrepreneurs more than willing to take the time to give us individual feedback on our product. What a great opportunity for us!

There wasn’t a TechStars session scheduled for today, but one of the interns, Ginnie, was kind enough to take me, my partner, and my girlfriend around on a quick tour of Boulder. I had already thought Boulder was beautiful, but this brought a whole new perspective on the city. Some of the highlights included the Mork & Mindy house as well as the Jean Benet Ramsey house. I’d have to say my favorite part, however, was when she took us out on the scenic roads to give us a beautiful view of the city from above. It is a completely breath taking view. I plan to make several trips back to explore and see as much of the natural beauty of the area as I can.

Tomorrow is another TechStars session in the evening. This one will only involve a few of the mentors and should provide much more individual mentoring and advice. I can’t wait to here what these guys have to say and see how we can apply it to our own problems and opportunities.

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