A crazy week at TechStars

This week has been by far the busiest week of TechStars yet. We had meetings and/or sessions everyday, several times a day. It’s been great getting so much information from so many great people. A couple of the highlights include Noah Kagan, the MyBlogLog guys, and a session on funding your startup. The resources this program continues to provide still amaze me.

The only down side to all of these great sessions and meetings we’ve been having is that it makes it that much harder to find time to focus on the product. There is so much great feedback on what we’ve already done that it is at times almost overwhelming. The trick I’m starting to learn is how to prioritize the tasks and aggregate the feedback into a few select fixes that really improve the overall product and/or user experience. I still have much to learn though, but I can’t imagine a better place to be learning it.

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