Boulder Arrival

Well, I finally packed up all my stuff and made the big move to Boulder. I had to use every inch of available space to fit everything in my car…and I do mean every (including clothes under the seats and a motherboard in the glove box). It was a long, relatively boring drive (the only thing that kept me sane is I somehow sweet talked my girlfriend into coming along to keep me company), but I finally made it and got myself moved in to my apartment.

I have to say, Boulder is definitely a beautiful place. The view of the mountains is breath taking (especially compared to what I’m used to) and the entire city is clean and friendly. I’ve only wondered around a little, but everything is very biking/pedestrian friendly. The city also seems relatively easy to get around, which is good since I’m a bit directionally challenged.

I’ll probably spend a couple days settling in while I wait for the rest of the team to arrive. I should be posting a bit more regularly starting next week when TechStars’ events actually start…I know I personally can’t wait for things to get rolling.

And the summer of TechStars begins…

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