I had forgotten how much I love Pandora.  I was reminded of it during a recent visit with Seth Levine and I pretty much haven’t turned it off since. To me I like it because it’s so amazingly simple. I’m not very good at remembering names of songs or artists (or anything for that matter), and I find it so convenient to be able to just find the name of an artist or two that I’m into right now and create an entire radio station (that I can listen to all day) with a variety of music that has similar characteristics to the artists I entered. I don’t have to create a complicated playlist and I don’t have to remember the name of all the artists and songs I want to listen to. Instead I just pop in one or two artists and have music to listen to all day.

I spend a lot of time at my computer and I had kind of phased out listening to music while working because I found it too much effort to keep up the variety to last me all day. I had replaced it with podcasts instead because it was just easier for me to find fresh content that way. However the simplicity of Pandora has reinvigorated my music listening by making it so easy to get fresh, new music (that I actually like). I’m certainly not going to eliminate podcasts from my daily work habits, but music is definitely working its way back in thanks to Pandora.

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