Intense Debate open beta launch

Well, we finally opened up the beta to everyone today. It’s been a crazy week leading up to this and an even crazier day today, but all in all I’d say things went pretty well.

There have been a few minor bugs here and there, but overall things held up pretty well. We had several major reviews and a huge spike in traffic, and all things considered I was really happy with how well everything managed to hold up.

While I’m glad to get to this point, and there is certainly a fair amount of relief to finally be at this point, it’s really just a new beginning. We’ll keep cranking away to continue to make Intense Debate even better, and now we’ll have an endless flow of feedback from all of our new users to help shape the product.

So if you have a blog (or if you’d be willing to set one up) I’d encourage you to check us out at….it’s a whole new way to comment.

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