Torbit is Hiring!

My current company Torbit is growing and we’re looking for a few good people to join us. If you want to help us make the web a better place let us know.

Here are a few quick job descriptions of what we’re looking for:

Systems administrator
Our ideal candidate would have experience building and scaling large distributed infrastructure across multiple data centers. Your job would include architecting new infrastructure, helping us set up global data centers and performing ongoing maintenance. You would be expected to build redundancy, active failover and monitoring into our system and find ways for us to improve performance at the server-level. We would like to see experience with Chef along with a working knowledge of Anycast, NGINX, MySQL and Node. Experience with SPDY, tweaking TCP slow-start and other performance optimizations a plus.

Frontend PHP developer
We need a front-end developer who will be responsible for the public-facing parts of our application. Responsibilities would include our marketing site, account system, billing system, DNS control panel, reporting dashboards and lots more. We would expect you to be good with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. A performance background and good design sense a plus.

Performance engineer
For this position, we want someone who has a strong background in front-end performance. This job will be to help us research and implement new techniques for speeding up websites. Strong PHP and JavaScript skills required. Experience working with large scalable systems a plus.

If you don’t fit into one of these but are interested in what we’re doing that’s ok. We’re looking for smart people interested in solving interesting problems. We’d love to hear from you if that sounds appealing. Feel free to email us at and check out the Torbit blog post for more information.

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