How Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service In Springfield, IL Nearly Ruined My Wedding

This is definitely going to be a rant.  If you come across this post and were considering hiring Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service in Springfield, IL – don’t.  If you’d like to know why, read the rest of the post, but I wanted to make sure this point gets across right up front.

I first met Brad Schroeder at a friend of mine’s wedding.  He did a pretty good job and seemed professional. When my wife and I were planning our wedding we got a long list of potential DJ services with a wide range of prices.  I talked to lots of them and we ended up deciding on Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service for two primary reasons.  First, he offered a relatively good price comparatively.  Even though he was charging us extra for travel (the wedding was in Glen Ellyn, IL) he still came out a bit cheaper than most of the other services we were looking at.  And secondly, he was the only DJ service that we had seen / heard at a wedding before, and we were happy with his services there (as were our friends who hired him for the most part).

This turned out to be a big mistake though.  We had several problems leading up to the wedding.  He was very difficult to get a hold of by phone in the weeks leading up to the wedding, he kept forgetting things we’d discussed, etc.  It was on the day of the wedding though that the size of the mistake really came to light.  Not only was Brad not coming himself to DJ our wedding (which he had told me he would), but the “other guy” he sent to DJ the wedding was sent to the wrong hotel.  And not just a little wrong, but a lot wrong.  The hotel he went to was more than 3 hours away from the hotel where our wedding was located. This was hard to believe because Brad Schroeder had written the hotel in Glen Ellyn in our contract himself and had charged me extra travel expenses to get to it.  Even worse – we didn’t find this out until about an hour before our wedding when we got a call from the very confused DJ that was sent to the wrong hotel.

Needless to say this put us in a pretty tough situation, especially since Brad Schroeder’s service didn’t even offer a replacement DJ.  We were trying to do pictures and get the last details of the wedding sorted out when we were faced with the option of waiting for this DJ to drive the 3 hours to get to the correct hotel (and 1.5 – 2 hours of reception without music or a DJ) or trying to find another DJ at the last minute that we know nothing about.  Luckily the hotel’s wedding coordinator had a DJ that was trying to get on their recommended vendors list and we were able to get someone on our short notice, although he was double the price we were originally paying Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service in Springfield, IL.  We decided to risk it and figured an unknown, possibly bad DJ was better than no DJ.

Against all odds the last minute replacement, Carl Linder of Linder Productions, turned out to be great.  He was nice, professional, and still managed to accommodate most of our requests (even a few unusual ones) with the short notice he had.  My wife had also prepared a CD of most of our special songs (cake cutting, first dance, etc) because we had had so many issues with Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service before – which also turned out to be a life saver.  In the end we had a great wedding and our replacement DJ was even better than Schroerder’s DJ Service ever would’ve been.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there, though.  We had paid Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service up front at a previous meeting at a Denny’s in Springfield, IL.  Needless to say we felt we deserved to get our money back, and the difference in DJ fees, after he failed to show up to the correct location and perform his services.  You’d think after such a horrible mistake that was clearly his fault (the location was listed on the contract that he wrote and we both signed) that he’d be very apologetic and accommodating.  However, you would be wrong.  While initially he sounded like he’d be willing to correct his mistake, it wasn’t long before he wasn’t returning my calls and I started getting called by his attorney instead.

Luckily my brother is a licensed attorney in Illinois and was willing to help me out.  Long story short, it took a lawsuit filing and 10 months before I was able to get my money back from this guy.  We still ended up losing the court costs to file, but were eventually able to settle out of court to get our money back.  What a terrible way to do business.

If you’re planning a wedding or other event in Jacksonville, Springfield, or the surrounding area in IL and looking for a DJ, look elsewhere.  Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service in Springfield, IL nearly ruined my wedding and was a huge pain to get my money back from later.

Sorry for the rant, but it needed to be said.

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10 Responses to How Brad Schroeder’s DJ Service In Springfield, IL Nearly Ruined My Wedding

  1. Josh Fraser says:

    It looks like this already comes up on the first page of Google results when you search for his name. Lesson: never screw with a guy with better Pagerank than you.

  2. Nick Davis says:

    Yeah I agree, this guy is a joke, I’ve seen him at a friend of mine wedding and he wanted to leave 2 hours early because nobody was dancing to the music he was playing. He didn’t play any of the songs that the bride and groom wanted. It was bad, they had a great wedding, but he pretty much sunk the reception.

  3. Jesse Zirkelbach says:

    Wow wish I would have read this before we hired him. Same thing happened at my wedding. Met with Brad and paid full up front. He stated he would be the one to DJ the wedding wanted a meeting at Denny’s before hand too. Just trying to get in touch was a task in itself. Come wedding time he made up a lame excuse that he was sick and would that someone would be there. When we showed up to our reception the DJ knew nothing not even our names! It was very frustrating and just want people to know what he’s about and to never use him!

  4. DJ Andy says:

    I am very sorry to hear your story.
    Please remember that many DJs like myself are very professional

  5. Mark Beecher says:

    A “good price” on a DJ service rarely is. There is a reason why cheap DJs work cheap.

  6. michelle says:

    omg i am so glad that i read this bc i actually stumbled acrossed while looking for brad’s website again to contact him for my up coming wedding!!!

  7. Brides Mom says:

    I am very happy I found this and read the horrible reviews I was considering him for my daughters upcoming wedding. Needless to say I will not hire him now I would rather just play music off a Ipod playlist than the couple go through the above horror story!

  8. tiffany says:

    Horrible DJ never go with him used for a wedding…he couldn’t even perform simple tasks. music skipped and wrong song played as my wife walked down the aisle and too make It worse we had plans set over 3 months in advance!!!! His song selection was terrible not what we talked about and the assistant he brought did everything while brad played on his phone and refused several requests and was rude. If all this wasn’t enough he started a fight with one of the groomsmen and then after the cops where called he quickly had his assistant who by the way was utterly incompetent and smelled horrible quickly pack up his things as he begged the cop not to be put in the paper..He quickly left without an apology to me or my bride. We contacted brad The next day and he had nothing but lies and stories to tell. He informed us there was nothing he could do and deal with it. All my wife wanted was him to make it right but nothing not even an apology from the wrong music to the bad timing and skipping of the songs even with him messing up the order of the speech and toast and introduction all the way up to him causing a fight he was all about maximum money with minimal work for the price he charges you can get a better DJ just about anywhere. It’s safe to say he ruined my wife’s wedding and to tell you the truth he never even cared from the begining.

  9. dusk says:

    WOW…I was working for him..until today…lol…first of all, i talked to him for 6 months before he ever got around to actually meeting me…AT DENNEYS…and all of you are right. You cannot EVER get a hold of him….he still thought i was from Peoria until a month ago.I used to live there, when i was 17!!!!!!…now i am 41…The first time i went with him for training was good…but i was told that he would pay me $50 for 4xs of going for training…which at the end of the night turned into…”i’m going to pay you 100 after you come with 4xs…, apparently, I was supposed to haul equipment, set up, use my car, and pay for gas…when i was not getting paid…last week i came down with pneumonia, so i did not go….tonight there is something in Decatur, to which i was going to go..but my car also broke down….soooo….i have been trying to reach him for 4 days… and home..and e-mail….HMMMMMM……..i wonder what i should do?…..UMMM QUIT?….PERHAPS?…..Don’t get me wrong..he is a nice guy, but, he had a stroke a while back and constantly rants about it…my grandmother had a stroke and it is very serious…..but….i don’t know if it affected memory or what happened, but i just can’t be in limbo right now with a job.

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