Automattic Acquires IntenseDebate

I’m very excited to announce the acquisition of IntenseDebate by Automattic. IntenseDebate has been my entire life for the last 1.5 years (and a good chunk of it the 3-6 months before that). If you don’t believe me just ask my girlfriend who had to put up with barely seeing me during this time.

This company has had a hugely significant impact on my life. When I look back to how things were when this project got started it is amazing to think how much has happened in a relatively short time. I’ve learned a lot from this experience (expect to see a series of blog posts elaborating on this), and I consider it a real blessing that it’s worked as well as it has.

I owe a big thanks to David and Brad of TechStars for believing in me (and the rest of the team) and giving us a huge jump start (as well as plenty of advice/help along the way). I also have to thank Josh who helped get this whole thing off the ground and pushed for us to apply to TechStars in the first place. And of course the rest of the current team: Isaac, Michael, Tom, and Austin who all played an integral role in getting us to where we are today.

So now that I’ve made the blog post equivalent of an acceptance speech, let me wrap this up by just restating how great this opportunity has been. I’ve learned a ton (which is really all I wanted out of this company/experience anyways…the rest has been a bonus) and hope to be able to share that with those around me so that someone else can learn the easy way.

This is not an ending, but rather a new begining…and I can’t wait to see where this path takes me.

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