Whiteboards change everything

We’re still getting settled in to the new Intense Debate offices. Definitely an interesting time.

The other day we finally got our whiteboards put in (actually they’re psuedo-whiteboards, but that’s another topic for another day) and it’s completely changed how we work. Every meeting I’ve had since has in some way involved a whiteboard. Every new coding project (I think) has also leveraged the whiteboard to outline objects, work through a problem, etc.

It’s amazing what a difference such a simple addition can make.

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3 Responses to Whiteboards change everything

  1. ktbug8596 says:

    🙂 white boards are amazing! (except for the one I have to use in Winchester… that stinking thing does NOT like to erase!!)

  2. ianmikutel says:

    Any pictures you can post of the offices? I always love seeing how start ups set things up for their workspace.

  3. alanbeasley says:

    Hi there, I am getting a large number of students that can’t access the internet. When they log on and open IE they don’t get the default web page or a log in screen. It appears to be random, I have tried setting up new user accounts but this also appeasrs to be hit and miss on whether they get access.

    Any ideas?