’bout time for another post

Well, we’ve had time to recover from our crazy busy end of TechStars and I’ve settled into my new home in Colorado. I’ve kept my head down coding for the last few weeks like crazy trying to crank everything out…and it’s finally going to start paying off very soon. We’ve been working on a lot of new stuff here at Intense Debate and I’m very excited about all of it.

As always though I want to stress the importance of feedback. If you have any suggestions for us feel free to make a comment below or to leave us feedback on our site here.

I’ll be posting news about features as they’re released and we’ll also be posting to the Intense Debate Blog as well. Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to ’bout time for another post

  1. Uh, PG….those last two lines of your comment are somewhat disturbing…I just had to see what on earth you were talking about… Heads up: I got an error when submitting a comment at PG moments ago and as most bipeds will I resubmitted it multiple times, which resulted in three of the same comment. Looking sharp!!!

  2. josh says:

    I am guessing you saw the animation for quite a while until your page timed out. This is a known issue and will be fixed asap. apologies…

  3. Ktbug85 says:

    keeping your head down and coding like crazy…. Jon, I think that is an understatement… you eat, breath and sleep code… you can't even talk to me without still coding! I'm so proud of you!

  4. Jon, can you make the text area to type larger as in taller? thanks :- you guys are doing great, so many improvements over the past few weeks, can't wait to see what else is coming…

  5. Jon says:

    The new theme has an auto-expanding textarea. So in other words, the textarea expands getting taller as you type. Hopefully this will solve the problem for you.